PornsBox Artistic Mylf Seduces Her Nude Male Model – India Summer

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India Summer is a smoking hot artistic mylf who loves to paint and also loves to pleasure herself. Her only problem is whatever she paints always comes out looking like a dick! Maybe she might be more proficient at actually drawing real life dicks, so she picked up her phone and started searching for nude models. India was actually able to locate a service that provides people willing to model naked. She made her specs clear to the agency. The model had to be tall, muscular, and have a huge cock! Within an hour a clean cut looking stud was at her door in a robe and sandals, ready to show her the full monty. Her model got into the perfect position, and India began to get super horny. She started to play with herself as she painted. She needed the model to get as hard as he could, so India decided to give him a hand and began to jerk him off. Before long these two were making art of their own by way of sexual performance. India had her mouth filled with hard dick, then had her mature pussy penetrated in the most comfortable and artistically enriching positions. She asked her model to please cum in her hand so she could dab her paintbrush in the jizz and sign her newly created work. Talk about innovation!