PornsBox Holiday Date Slam With Sultry Redhead Beauty – Ornella

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Exciting day today. Another tourist on holiday in Bangkok that I hope to fuck. Ornella from the Czech Republic had been messaging me some sexy pictures. So we met up in a coffee shop and chatted for a while. Her English was not so good but she gave off a strong vibe. Very pretty redhead definitely a no-nonsense girl this one. She seemed at first stand-offish, but she had sent me some really sexy selfies. And when I asked if we could go somewhere else together after our drink she said yes. Maybe she didn’t like to talk much and just wanted a date with me to get her Holiday Date Slam dosage!Read less. I asked to take a few pictures of her. Damn she had a real sultry thing going on there. I was obviously boring her with all my small talk. Honestly I think she just wanted to fast-forward to the sex-filled Holiday Date Slam waiting for her! Back at my hotel room we started taking some more pictures. She smiled a little but it wasn’t much of a smile. Her real smile only came out when she was naked. OK now I was starting to understand this girl guys. I already knew from her selfies she had an amazing ass and boy did that butt look good. All tanned and perfectly rounded. Nice tanned perky little tits. Puffy bald pussy all shaved and ready for me. And that sultry look of hers with those sexy eyes. Yes I know it took me a while, but now I realised she was after my dick all along! She gave me a blowjob and it was epic. With eyes like that as she sucked away the eye contact was ball-tingling. OMFG finally the real Ornella came out to play. Then she straddled me and slipped my hard cock right up her cunt. Those luscious pink lips clamped my dick and she rode me moaning all the time. What a view, fantastic cowgirl ride with a sultry Dateslam slut who just needed her cunt filled with cock. So I fucked her real good from behind doggie style. And then again on her back till I couldn’t hold in anymore and came deep inside her. Got a nice smile from her too as we both admired her freshly fucked creampie pussy with my milky little sperm soldiers dripping out.