PornsBox ITC – Melisa Mendiny

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This scene has a rather rustic feel with Lexa doing a slow strip tease in a room of old wood and stone. Half way through she moves onto the bed and we gravitate towards her famous ass inspecting it with her thong panties on and sometimes pulled aside or wedged up her crack. Towards the end she has her panties down around her thighs giving a pretty good introduction to her bare ass.With Lexa now rolling around on the bed naked we get a really good look at her fantastic full bottom ass. The highlight comes near the end with Lexa squatting on your face and spreading everything open. We had told Lexa that masturbation wasn’t necessarily required knowing that that wasn’t really her forte or interest but she still kind of does masturbate here. There’s a little bit of pussy rubbing sprinkled throughout this clip and it gets somewhat impassioned for a moment although there is no real orgasm. Perhaps more interesting is the nice pussy spread at the end.