PornsBox Lusting After My Hot French Date – Stephanie

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Found this spunky looking chick from France on Instagram. Her name was Stephanie and her profile pictures looked super-hot. So we’re texting back and forth and it turned out she was bored with her vacation. Would she like to meet up for dinner? So we met up at a nice little restaurant, and oh wow what a total knockout! Big sexy eyes, ponytails, freckles, stunning body. Even more beautiful than her pictures. And that sexy accent. I couldn’t believe my luck, this was looking good. My first French Date was off to a great start. Thank you Instagram. Stephanie was great company, so easy to talk to. Turns out she was feeling like the spare wheel on her vacation. It was supposed to be just two friends, but then her friend brought her boyfriend along. So Stephanie was bored with the two lovebirds and looking for a new vacation friend to hang out with. Lucky me, right? I just had to take advantage of this. So we sat and drank and ate and talked a lot. I launched into my photographer story and she was quite happy to come back to my hotel to take some pictures. BUT she played it cool … she had conditions … no naughty business. Is that like a French thing? Haha. Well we all know better don’t we? When French girls say no they really mean yes