PornsBox Wet Czech fucked on massage table – Leanne Lace

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Leanne Lace has booked herself a calming massage in the Massage Rooms with therapist Max Dyor. Max begins the relaxation session by stretching the brunette’s neck, then moves down and performs some active release therapy on her shoulders and lats. Continuing down her spine, Max helps Leanne fold forward. As she does the towel she has on falls, exposing her subtle breasts. Rather than get embarrassed, Leanne gets excited, and sighs with pleasure when Max gives her tits an oily massage. Reacting to his client’s moans, Max slides his hand down her stomach and slips a finger into her tight pussy. Turned on, Leanne takes out Max’s cock and gives him a blowjob, then turns around so he can eat her pussy doggystyle. The pair share an oily fuck on the massage table until Leanne wanks Max all over her body!