PornsBox Wild student sex friends party on Friday 13th – Greta A – Dominica Phoenix – Anna Taylor – Olivia – Mary Dee

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Friday 13th is just a perfect day for a theme sex party, there’s no doubt about that! And we got well prepared. We rented a small cottage where nobody would disturb us, we bought some snacks, we even dressed up as if we were in some twisted horror movie. The sexy student girls that we invited were late as usual, probably dressing up, so we got the party started relaxing and telling each other scary stories, just to get in the mood. Actually we had much fun, and I even forgot that the college chicks had to show up. But after a while we all realized that we need the company of hot college sluts, and this is exactly when our girls arrived. It was a Friday 13th party, as you remember, and we agreed to dress up in scary and creepy costumes. But it turned out that our party girls changed their minds. Instead of dressing up they came to our cottage wearing only lingerie and stockings. Well, screw the costumes, I liked that look so much better! So imagine being in a room with five half haked sexy babes. There was sex in the air, and you could feel it. My heart started beating faster when these college chicks entered the room, but when one of them set up a little sex show for us I got hard immediately, and I knew I’d had a blast tonight. I watched one of the cute college girls dance while another one was caressing my cock, isn’t that awesome? Instead of splitting into couples and looking for some privacy we had a real college orgy. Actually I don’t understand how would anyone want some privacy when there’s crazy action all around you, and you can fuck any of the nude college girls watching the other babes please your friends or each other. Tell you what, this wild party porn is way cooler than you can imagine, so prepare to be totally blown away! Lesbian sex? Female masturbation? Anal fucking? Double penetration? You’ll see all that, and even more! So hold your breath and check out this amazing fuck party movie that will leave you wishing you were there, too.